New Policy for Licenses on Demand

Why is this new policy so special?

We believe that one week is sufficient for you to run multiple mine scheduling scenarios for your project, and we respect your budget. Get immediate access to an advanced and easy-to-use mine planning software for weekly periods.

This new policy allows various periods up to 1 year, depending on your needs.

Key benefits

SimSched on demand is offered for an affordable price! In addition, there is no need for training; this package includes free technical support and step-by-step tutorials and videos as well.

You can use your free version (SimSched Pit Optimizer) for a hands-on experience, and to setup and validate your data; request your license on demand for SimSched Direct Block Scheduler only when you are confident about using it and your data is ready.

Learning, practicing and gaining access to an advanced mine planning software without harming the company’s budget was never easier.

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